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Achar Awak

Achar Awak

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Proudly crafted and one-of-a-kind pickled vegetables that’s passed down from my granny. Packed with flavour, this superb nonya pickle is spicy, vinegary, and punchy. Eat this as a condiment with my curries, rice, roti or even with a ham and cheese sandwich.

Vegan-friendly, preservative-free, no artificial colours or flavours, gluten, nut and dairy free.
Packed with locally sourced ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Vinegar, Brown sugar Cabbage savoy raw, Cauliflower raw, Carrot mature peeled raw, Cucumber lebanese unpeeled raw, Lemongrass, Tumeric ginger, Galangal ginger, Pineapple fresh peeled raw, Ginger peeled raw, Garlic peeled raw, Canola oil, Chili red raw, Sesame seeds white.

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