About Us

I never thought I'd be cooking for anybody but my kids. My funny kids inspire me and in every part of my life. I've learned you could say from scratch how to mother the 4 of them and to cook. Ugly food and co was born from the heart of my home around the kitchen table. 

My brand came into the world in 2014.... However in 2016, every goodness was put into a jar. The essence of every jar dates way back, decades, came from cooking and creating for and with my kids in the kitchen. My Grandmother was also a big source of inspiration. Memories of her Singapore kitchen where she cooked from scratch and from the freshest ingredients is always engraved in my heart.

There’s always a beautiful and sometimes funny story behind every jar of what I do - story of my family and our wonderful memories together.. My desire is for everyone to be able to experience and create the powerful bond of food around their dinner table with their family and with the people they love hanging out with or simply likeminded food lovers.

I hope that you'll experience that beautiful connection.

Eating together creates the memories and laughter around the dinner table .... it connects family and friends together in such a special way.

Love made edible